Press Release

Singapore, 6 November 2014.
A recent update from Jayon Express reveals the changing trends in Ecommerce activities in Indonesia. More people than ever before are opting for Cash-on-Delivery (COD) to pay for purchases from Ecommerce websites. Among deliveries serviced by Jayon Express, nearly 1 in 3 buyers who now opt for COD, versus less than 1 in 5 less than 1 year ago.

Averaged price per merchandize serviced through COD dropped from IDR 462K in Q4-13 to IDR 408K (approximately USD 34) in the latest quarter. This indicates that buyers are increasingly comfortable in paying for smaller purchases via COD.

The most popular category is “Books & Magazines”, which has grown more than 400% in less than 1 year. This is followed by “Infants & Children”, “Fashion & Accessories” and “Health & Beauty”, indicating the women may be the main driver of COD adoption. Jayon Express will publish data in subsequent quarterly updates to shed more lights on this area.

South Jakarta, where large number of residents live and work, accounts for about one third of deliveries. This is followed by Central, East and West Jakarta. The surrounding areas like Tangerang, Bekasi and Depok still account for relatively small number of purchases.

Eddy Jusof, General Manager of Jayon Express Indonesia comments, “Consumers are changing the way they pay for goods ordered from Ecommerce websites. This update highlights the potential upside for Ecommerce merchants to include COD as a payment option. ”

“In view of the pending increase of fuel price in Indonesia, more consumers may be turning to Ecommerce websites for purchase to cut down on their travel”. He adds.

This quarterly update, the first of its kind, was published by Jayon Express, a COD specialist currently operating in Greater Jakarta.

About Jayon Express
Jayon Express provides cash-on-delivery service to Ecommerce merchants. We deliver the goods to the customer and collect the cash receipts on behalf of the merchants.

Jayon Express is headquartered in Singapore, and current provides the service to merchants in the greater Jakarta region in Indonesia.
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