Merchant FAQ’s

Why is Jayon Express providing the Cash-On-Delivery service?

There is explosive growth of Internet access in many emerging markets. The growth is driven by affordable devices  such as internet-enabled mobile handsets, tablets and affordable computers, as well as cheap Internet access tariff and data packages. This creates huge opportunities for E-Commerce and M-Commerce.

However, very few consumers in the emerging markets have the ability to transact online using credit cards or internet banking. Other options such as offline bank transfer are cumbersome and typically result in high order dropout rate. COD service taps on the big unmet demand in these markets.

What are the benefits of the COD service?

COD service will significantly expand the potential customer base of the merchants by covering large percentage of the populations who transact primarily on cash. These customers may also be more willing to transact with the merchants if they can see and inspect the goods before paying for them.

Who are Jayon Express’ partners?

We partner merchants or online service providers that with E-Commerce or M-Commerce presence.

How is the COD service offered alongside my other payment options?

You will continue to maintain the other payment options that you currently offer to your customers. We will provide simple integration process that you will use to enable the additional COD option.

What kind of products will you deliver?

We focus on products which are priced between USD 20 to USD 200 with packaging that can be comfortably delivered. In many markets we employ motorcycle couriers so the goods cannot be too bulky.

Who will be responsible if the goods or monies are lost?

We manage the risks of delivery and cash management and will be fully responsible for the entire process. We will provide an online interface for you to track your delivery and collection status at every stage of the process.

What if the customer is not there to receive the goods, or refuse to pay?

We will work with you to minimize spurious orders through various confirmation processes. We will also maintain the database of non-delivery (no show, refuse to pay) to help you and us to better assess the risks associated with specific customers.

How much will you charge the merchants?

Our fees usually range from 5% to 10% of the value of goods delivered, In addition, we offer volume discounts and fixed-fee options. Please check with us for our latest price list.

Which markets or cities that you cover?

We focus on emerging markets where large portion of commerce are conducted on cash basis. We continue to expand our coverage to various areas. Please check with us for the latest list of areas that we now cover.

How do I start?

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